Recap: Unruly and HAIRFINITY Present Pretty

Recap: Unruly and HAIRFINITY Present Pretty

Last Thursday we had the great pleasure of hosting a screening of our documentary series Pretty, in partnership with Hairfinity. We screened a few episodes of the series as well as the beautiful “They Learn from Us” video by Hairfinity.

Following the screening we turned the spotlight onto our guests to hear what they had to say about the topics covered in the videos.

One of my favorite parts of the conversation happened when one of our attendees, Chauntelle, explained how she could relate to Jasmine Lawrence in “They Learn from Us.” Like Jasmine, Chauntelle went through a physical evolution that resulted in an internal one. She went natural and the self-exploration that happened after this resulted in her becoming more self-confident. Much in the same way Jasmine became more confident once the health and strength of her hair improved.

We covered all kinds of topics at the event, but the conversation centered around how black women are portrayed in the media. I’ve found it hard to have a conversation about beauty without touching on the images the media perpetuates. What was interesting to see was our U.S. viewers felt very similar to the international women featured in our Pretty series. We all agreed that there still is quite a bit of work to do to get more accurate portrayals of black women in the media, as well as simply seeing more black people in positions of power outside of entertainment. The event ended on an inspired note with Deb from Ms. Nerdy Chica saying we don’t have to wait for anyone to create roles for us, we are in a position to create our own.

Thanks to Antonia and Abigail for hosting a wonderful event with this important message. Make sure you follow the “Pretty” discussion on and follow the conversation on Twitter and Instagram @Hairfinity and @HairUnruled with the hashtag #HairfinityTalksPretty

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