10 Hair Tips to Protect & Nourish Winter Locks

10 Hair Tips to Protect & Nourish Winter Locks

The seasonal change to winter usually brings up thoughts of brisk winds, freshly fallen snow, and holiday cheer — all wonderful things. One not so wonderful part of winter is the pain that it can inflict on our hair. Since the winter months can be really harsh on your locks, it’s very important to  take extra care to protect it  when it’s cold. The winter elements can throw a wrench in your hair care routine, unless you have the inside scoop on some really great, really easy winter hair tips. Even if you don’t live in an area where blistering winter winds are a problem, you could still benefit from switching up your routine as temperatures begin to dip. No matter how low the thermostat drops where you are, we have you covered. We’ve gathered our best hair tips to avoid dryness and damage during the winter.

Hair Tips for Winter Weather

  1. Nutrition – our number one hair tip is to always make sure that you are feeding your hair from the inside. Fill up on protein rich foods like meat, fish, beans, yogurt, and nuts. Or even better – add HAIRFINITY Healthy Hair Vitamins to your routine. They will give your hair a boost of essential vitamins and other amazing nutrients  that  keep your hair beautiful, even when all you want is to stay indoors.
  2. Keep it covered – covering your hair with a cute hat is a great step toward protecting hair from winter elements. Avoid “hat hair” and frizz by wrapping your hair with a silk scarf before you put on that beanie or wool cap. It’s trés chic! 
  3. Add oil to your deep conditioner – nothing restores hydration and fortifies your hair quite like deep conditioning. To avoid dry hair during the winter, add about a teaspoon of your favorite oil to your deep conditioner. The oil serves to seal in all those wonderful hydrating      nutrients and keeps them from evaporating in the bitter winter wind. If you see that your hair has already become drier, try incorporating a conditioning masque treatment to reinforce your locks and keep them strong and healthy.  
  4. Less washing – it may seem counter-intuitive to wash less and deep condition more, but this hair tip will help you retain much needed moisture. Using a mild cleansing product, like HAIRFINITY Gentle Cleanse Shampoo , will leave your hair clean without stripping away your natural oils . When you do wash your hair, avoid hot water. Hot water will dry hair and make managing your hair during winter a little more difficult.
  5. Trim it up – keeping your ends trimmed during harsh winter months is a great way to  reduce breakage and maintain hair health. Avoid the need for a “new look” in spring because of months of damage and neglect.
  6. Protective styling – buns, updos, ponytails or braids are great styles for winter. Keep your hair protected from tangling (turtlenecks should be called hair tanglers) by putting hair up during the winter. These styles also serve as a way to keep your hands, brushes, and heated appliances away from your hair.

Remember that the needs of our hair are as different as our personal needs. Adopting any or all of these tips during winter will help you win the battle against dry hair. Even if you don’t suffer from dry hair during the warmer months, winter protection for hair is very important.

Protective Styling Hair Tips

Keeping your ends protected is one of the most important hair tips that anyone can give you. Protective hairstyles can be cute and fun looks but their most important function is to prevent breakage and damage to the ends of your hair. Here are our hair tips for protective styles whether you’re staying in or going out and about.

  1. Messy Chignon

A textured and slightly unkempt up-do adds a chic edge to your hair.

Styling tools: a teasing brush, bobby pins, a hair elastic and some hairspray.

  • Part your hair as you normally would. If you want to try something new, part your hair off to the side. It works beautifully with this hairstyle. Tease hair at the crown using your teasing brush. Gently smooth the top so that it looks naturally full and voluminous making sure no knots are showing.
  • Pull all your hair into a low ponytail at the nape of your neck and secure with a hair elastic.
  • Twist the pony into a bun, securing with a few bobby pins. Loosen some pieces in the bun to give it a messier look.
  • Pull hair at the crown to loosen and create an ‘unkempt’ look.
  • Set with hairspray.
  1. Top Bun

A super simple bun style that is always on-trend and takes only minutes to achieve.

Styling tools:  hair brush, hair elastic, bobby pins and hairspray.

  • Brush your hair out so it is smooth and easy to style.
  • Flip your head upside down and secure your hair into a high ponytail, securing all your hair into a ponytail at the top of your head. Tie with an elastic hair tie and smooth out any bumps or strays with a hairbrush. Spray with a holding hairspray to secure all the strands in the high pony (if desired).
  • Twist the pony and wrap it into a bun. Pin the bun into the crown of your ponytail, pinning invisibly to secure the bun.
  • Finish with a mist of strong hold hairspray, and off you go!
  1. Hair Extensions

Winter is the perfect time to get hair extensions. Giving your hair a break from styling during the winter is a great way to promote growth and keep your ends protected. Weaves and wigs ensure that you’ll have a good look without the wear and tear on your strands. The most important hair tip for these styling techniques is that your hair installations are done by a licensed professional. Applying a sewn in weave is should not be taken on as a DIY project. Improper installation of a sew-in can leave you with hair that is badly damaged and will probably require cutting. Take a look at these tips for maintaining your hair’s health while you are wearing a sew-in.

  • Wash your hair at least twice a month
  • Use an astringent cleanser such as witch hazel or tea tree oil to clean excess product build-up between washes
  • Moisturize your scalp, rub a natural oil such as coconut or jojoba oil onto your scalp in order to keep you properly hydrated
  • Do not leave the sew-in installed too long – three months should be the maximum
  • Once your sew-in has been removed carefully comb through your hair with a wide tooth comb to ensure to remove any shed hairs prior to shampooing. This will prevent tangles and matting.
  1. Pretty Bed Head

The single best thing you can do for your hair is to protect it while you’re sleeping. This tip applies no matter the length or texture of your hair. While you are asleep your hair is doing battle with your sheets, pillowcases, and clothing. Your hair is tangling, popping, and being pulled out with every turn during your slumber. The hair tips below will help you sleep without worrying how your hair will look the next morning.


  • Ditch the cotton pillowcases – cotton sucks the moisture out of your hair, try satin or silk pillowcases to maintain moisture and eliminate your hair getting caught in the cotton threads
  • Wrap it up – a silk or satin scarf or bonnet is a great night time accessory for maintaining beautiful hair
  • Ponytails, pineapples or pin curls – pulling your hair into a loose ponytail or pineapple is also a great way to save your strands. Protecting your hair by pin curling it is another great way to wake up with hair that is ready for the day.

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