Winter Hairstyling for Any Occasion

Winter Hairstyling for Any Occasion

Looking for the perfect hairstyling techniques for the holiday season? With the holiday party season in full swing hairstyling for these special occasions is as important as your outfit, shoes, and accessories they should all work together to make your holiday look complete. Whether you’re heading to an office party or going to a laid back dinner with friends, choosing the perfect hairstyling technique will take your appearance to the next level. It’s important to remember to let your outfit decide your hairstyle. Pay close attention to embellishments and the neckline of your top or dress to ensure that it’s all complimentary. For more simple outfits, go for a more intricate style with your hair or leave it down. No matter if your event calls for dressy or casual attire you want to make sure that your hair and outfit are not competing with one another.

We know that your social calendar will be packed, but you can not underestimate how essential healthy hair is to easy, low maintenance hairstyling. Regular deep conditioning, managing your ends and of course feeding your hair what it needs to always look its best are all important aspects of getting great hairstyling. Nutrition will be the farthest thing from your mind while your enjoy all of those holiday goodies, but if you incorporate HAIRFINITY Healthy Hair Vitamins into your daily routine you will be doing yourself a tremendous favor. Before we give your our best tips for simple, gorgeous holiday hairstyling, it’s important to start with healthy hair. Now that you know what you should be doing on the inside to be the belle of the ball, here are our best hairstyling tips for your holiday festivities.

Tousled Waves: Gorgeous bouncy waves that sit on or below the shoulders are just as show stopping as a dressy up do but with less work involved. To get this soft texture, prep hair with a heat-styling spray and create curls using a large barrel curling iron or wand. Brush out the curls using your fingers and set with a shine finish hairspray. To open up your face, pin hair on one side behind the ear. Or for a slightly different version of the style, sweep hair to one side and pin at the nape of the neck with a bobby pin or two.

Roller set on naturally curly hair:  A glamorous, graceful roller set on naturally curly hair  is a must for a dinner or office party. Start with hair that is damp, not soaking wet.  Because your hair is the weakest when wet, allowing it to partially dry will allow you to manipulate it while preventing breakage. Apply a leave in conditioner to soften the hair and detangle your hair. Apply setting lotion to help the curls hold. You will need to use rollers of different sizes for the different sections of your hair.  Also, the sections should be small.  Do not put too much hair on one roller. Starting with one section, roll your hair from the tip to the root.  Make sure your hair looks smooth on the roller.  Continue until you have rolled all sections of hair.  Allow your hair to dry completely before removing the rollers.

Soft Waves with a middle part: This is an easy hairstyle to wear casually or dressed up, just right for a night out with friends or a casual get together at home. Start with a middle part. Divide your hair into different sections and secure each section with clips. Using a large barreled curling iron on the lowest heat setting, begin curling the lowest pieces of hair. Take each section of hair and wrap it around the iron working your way up towards the roots  Do not open the curling iron, wind your hair around the barrel.  Hold your hair around the iron for 30 seconds and then unwind it manually.  Once you have finished curling all of your hair, use your fingers to separate and relax the curls into waves.

Messy bun: This look is undone, yet sophisticated, and just right for a more casual night out or dinner with family/friends. This look works best on day old hair but if your hair is clean, then spray it with dry shampoo first to create texture and grip. Begin by pulling hair into a loose ponytail, as high or as low as you’d like. The look is meant to be effortless so use your fingers instead of a brush or comb. Then separate hair in your ponytail into two or three sections and tease. Teasing gives you volume and creates the messy texture you need to pull this look off. Separate your teased hair into two sections and wrap the hair in opposite directions, as you would when creating a topknot. Instead of pinning your hair neatly in, secure your hair with a bobby pin about an inch from the bottom of your strands, leaving the ends to fray around your bun and create a messy effect. If the bun feels too tight, gently pull it apart with your hands or a fine comb.

Twist Out on Natural Hair: This is another undone, yet sophisticated and glamorous look.  Its perfect for a either a casual night out or dinner with family/friends. Start by washing and conditioning your hair as normal.  While your hair is wet and detangled, grab a section of hair to twist and apply your favorite twisting product.  Twist your hair laugh to the end.  Allow the hair to dry completely before taking it down.  To give this hairstyle an effortless look, make sure you separate your hair using your fingers instead of a brush or comb. Coat your fingers with a natural oil such as olive oil to prevent fries and remove the twists by gently twisting the twist in the opposite direction.  Continue to pull the twists apart to give the hair a bigger bushy look.

French Twist: If you are hosting a dinner party, then this hair-do is spot on to play the role. It is sophisticated, elegant and easy to manage. It goes particularly well with sheath, shift or maxi dresses. Prep hair with dry texture spray or dry shampoo to create grip. Begin by teasing your hair a little to create volume and to help the style look less severe. Gather the top section of the hair from the crown together and twist to the side you’d like your French twist to go. Pin in place with bobby pins. Sweep your hair off to one side, just slightly off centre. With your other hand, slip a bobby pin in vertically, up from the bottom. Working from the bottom up, insert a row of bobby pins vertically, crisscrossing them to secure the hair. Gather hair in one hand and twist tightly, pulling up. Insert bobby pins horizontally into the base of the twist, intersecting with the vertical bobby pins to hold the style.  Tuck the ends of the twist into the French twist and pin with bobby pins. Spray with hairspray to hold the style.

Textured Pony: The textured ponytail is the ideal way to look laid-back and trendy but with just enough polish and sophistication to be party ready. This ponytail works with your hair’s natural texture and is perfect for second day hair. To begin, pull hair into a high or mid ponytail, smoothing the front of the ponytail to keep a polished look. Next, spray the ends and mid length of hair with salt spray, scrunching it through your hands. With a teasing brush, take a small section of hair and, starting in the middle of the section, brush backwards towards your head. Repeat with the rest of your hair. If you’d like more texture, go through the ponytail with a curling iron to create more defined curls. Finish by grabbing a one-inch section of hair from the tail and wrap it around the elastic. Hold it in place by sticking a bobby pin through the elastic.

Embellished Hair: New Year’s Eve is the perfect time to sport a sparkly hair accessory, whether it is a headband, hairpin or clip. Or, to make it even easier (and cheaper too) use something out of your own jewelry box. Create an embellished up do, by braiding your hair and wrapping a long necklace or chain around the braid before twisting it into a chignon, either at the nape of the neck or on the side.

Now that you have a hairstyle in mind, it’s one more thing you can check off your holiday list and one less thing to think about while you prep for party season.

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