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How to Fix High Porosity Hair

Having high porosity hair means you’re probably used to dealing with frizziness and extreme dryness. If this porosity level is due to poor hair care, it’s possible to turn things around and get your tresses back to a healthy state. Follow these steps for lowering the porosity in your hair to a normal level.

  • Avoiding further damage: Chances are, your hair is high porosity due to damage from too much heat (in terms of frequency and/or temperature), chemical abuse or excessive manipulation. You must stop bleaching, thermal styling and handling your hair roughly. Your tresses will recover more quickly if you stop the bad hair care practices first.
  • Protein treatments: If you observed a damaged hair cuticle under a microscope, you’d notice gaps in it instead of a smooth, unbroken strand. The missing pieces of your cuticle need to be filled in, and this is where our Strengthening Amino Masque comes in. Your protein treatments may be intense, in which case they should only be used in extreme instances, or gentler, which you can use about once per week.
  • Deep condition often: To balance the drying effects of protein (since high porosity hair is already dry), deep condition at least three to four times per month with Balanced Moisture Conditioner. Look for products containing emollients like shea butter or avocado oil.
  • Sealing in moisture: High porosity hair responds well to thicker moisturizers, but only when applied correctly. Add moisture to damp, not soaking wet, hair. This helps to lock in the moisture from water or water-based products. Seal in your ends as often as needed since they’re often drier than the rest of your hair.

Some hair is naturally more porous, even without damaging routines, so there’s not necessarily a “fix.” If, however, your highly porous hair resulted from any type of abuse, take steps to repair it now instead of later. You may still need to cut away severe damage, though, if it’s unrepairable.

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