How to Test Your Hair's Porosity

How to Test Your Hair's Porosity

How to Test Your Hair's Porosity


Healthy hair is sometimes more than how it looks or feels. The composition of your hair isn't visible to the naked eye, but does affect how manageable your hair is. Porosity, one of those characteristics we may not think about much, can make a big difference in how your hair reacts to chemicals and daily styling.  Porosity is simply the hair's ability to readily absorb water and other chemicals into its outer and inner layers. Hair is usually defined as one of these types:

  • Low porosity: Doesn't easily absorb chemicals or water because the hair's cuticles lie flat and very tightly together; this doesn't mean it's unhealthy in any way, although this porosity level is often difficult to color.
  • Normal porosity: Readily takes chemicals and easily absorbs water.
  • High porosity: The hair's cuticles are raised or damaged, allowing too much water in, leading to frizz and dryness.

Knowing your hair's porosity levels is important because it helps you understand how healthy, or unhealthy, your hair is, as well as helping you choose the best products for it. HAIRFINITY is a hair vitamin complex that will provide your hair with the nutrients that it needs to be healthy and help you manage the porosity of your hair.

How to Test Your Hair's Porosity

A quick and simple test to determine your porosity level is to take a few strands of freshly shampooed, dry hair and drop them into a glass of water. After several minutes, check the strands. Floating strands are low or normal porosity, while those that sink are high.

How to Correct Porosity Levels

While low porosity hair is generally healthy, stick to humectant products and use protein very sparingly.  High porosity hair can often be corrected if it's due to damage from heat or chemical abuse.


Apply HAIRFINITY Strengthening Amino Masque  to fill in cuticle holes, and deep condition with Balanced Moisture Conditioner regularly. You should also stay away from humectant products in hot, humid weather to avoid holding onto excess moisture from the air – this is what causes your hair to frizz.


If your hair is normal porosity, continue to maintain a good protein/moisture balance, erring on the side of more moisture if your hair is curly and/or dry.

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