Why Your Hair Isn't Getting Longer

Why Your Hair Isn't Getting Longer

Why Your Hair Isn't Getting Longer

Wanting longer hair is a goal for many women. Sometimes, it’s frustrating when it seems that everyone else’s tresses are growing, but yours aren’t. Unless you have a medical condition that is stumping your hair growth, your mane is always growing. However, there may be reasons it appears your hair isn’t getting longer.

Too much trimming: While regular trims are great for getting rid of split ends, some women get shear-happy in their quest for healthier hair. If you find yourself dusting or trimming more than once per month, decrease the frequency of your split end hunt, and only trim every couple of months, or only as needed.

The ends break off: If your hair’s ends break off at least ½ inch per month, it won’t show any gains because ½ inch is the average growth rate for most people. Ends break off for a variety of reasons, but the main culprit is usually dryness. This may be due to using the wrong type of shampoo, not conditioning enough, too much heat, and/or not locking in moisture. To avoid any further breakage and damage, try our HAIRFINITY Haircare line.

Tight styling: Constant tension on your scalp, whether through extensions, wigs, or tight braids and ponytails, can damage hair follicles. If the damage isn’t too severe, your hair will grow back in these stressed areas, although it does take time and good care. Unfortunately, some follicles never recover, and the hair won’t grow back. This is usually seen along the hairline, so avoid tight hairstyles as much as possible.

It’s reached the end of its growth cycle: All hair goes through the same life cycle. The last stage is the telogen, or resting, stage. It’s disputed whether or not every person has a limit on how long her hair can grow, but it’s no secret that some people can grow hair past their knees, while others struggle to grow hair to their bra straps even with the most diligent care.

Except for the growth cycle, all other reasons are within your control, so for the longest hair possible, remember that proper care—and plenty of pampering—will help you reach your goal.

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