Seasonal Hair Care Treatments

Seasonal Hair Care Treatments

Seasonal Hair Care Treatments

The quest to find the perfect styling regimen is not an easy one. Add the fact that changes in the elements or environment may change what your hair needs to look its best and it can seem impossible.  While some of us may be able to follow the same hair care routine throughout the year, many women find it beneficial to tweak their regimens and begin using seasonal hair care treatments. If you live in a climate that doesn’t have drastic seasonal changes, you’re less likely to need to make these tweaks. Unfortunately, if summer is the complete opposite of winter where you live, it’s a good idea to switch things around for different seasons.

The one thing about your regimen that won’t change is your hair’s need for nutritional support. A vitamin supplement such as HAIRFINITY is a great companion to any of the hair care treatments that you choose to incorporate into your routine. In fact during summer’s heat and winter’s frosty chill a nutritional supplement may mean the difference between whether your hair wows or causes woes. Here are some of our favorite seasonal hair care treatments.

Warm Weather

When it’s hot outside, you may want to stick to lightweight products. This includes any oils you use; jojoba, coconut and sweet almond are all good warm weather picks.

Styling agents like mousses and liquid leave-in conditioners won’t weigh down loose hairstyles.

Protective styling is good any time of year, but you may like it during summer because it keeps long hair off your neck, thereby keeping you cooler. Plus, using products with built-in sunscreen is recommended if you spend a lot of time outdoors.

  • If you have oily hair try using the above mentioned oils as a hot oil treatment or add them to your shampoo this will provide you the moisture you need and prevent excessive build-up.

Cold Weather

Now may be the time to pull out heavier products, like shea butter and castor oil. A thicker, creamy leave-in may give your hair the extra moisture it needs to combat dry, indoor heated air.

Create hairstyles with heavier products like pomades, puddings and crèmes if your texture can handle it. Otherwise, continue to use lighter products if that suits your tresses better.

Protective styles are still good options because you want to keep long hair from rubbing against wool sweaters and coats as much as possible.

  • Hats will become your best accessory during winter. A cute knit hat will keep you warm and have you on trend for the season.

What Won’t Change

Minor changes are probably enough from season to season. No matter what time of year it is, deep conditioning treatments and locking in moisture are still needed. Don’t worry that you have to overhaul your entire routine. In addition, if you find liquid leave-ins and wash n’ gos work for you year-round, by all means stick with them. A good hair regimen is whatever works for you.

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