Recovering from Hair Breakage

Recovering from Hair Breakage

Recovering from Hair Breakage

Whether your hair breakage is minor or severe, you can recover from it if you’re willing to be patient. You also need to recognize what led to breakage in the first place so you avoid the same causes.  Improper chemical processing, too much heat, tight styling and harsh color are the most common reasons for breakage. Fortunately, you can usually stop the problem with a change in your hair care routine.

The first thing you must do is stop relaxing, coloring or heat styling your hair if any of those led to breakage. A protein treatment should be done; the severity of your breakage determines whether you need an intense treatment, or whether you can get by with a weaker formulation. Once your hair is strong enough for chemical processes again, continue with gentle protein in the forms of protein-rich shampoos or styling agents as long as you relax, heat style or color your hair with permanent dye.

Protein must be balanced with moisture. This is especially true for intense treatments; follow up with a deep conditioning masque to restore elasticity to your tresses. A regular deep conditioner should be applied weekly as well. HAIRFINITY Haircare moisture and conditioning treatments are great options.

Avoid hairstyles that place stress along your hairline or breakage areas. You’ll need to choose different styles and methods of straightening your hair until it’s in better condition. Wet sets, wraps and natural hairstyles are good alternatives to styles created with flat or curling irons.

Recovering from breakage won’t happen overnight. A consistent routine will help you see results faster, so try not to get discouraged even if it takes a couple of months before you see any positive changes. Continue to pamper your hair, paying close attention to dryness and split ends, and at the first sign of any issues, deal with them instead of waiting, in which case the problems can get worse. With a regular, gentle regimen, you’ll recover from breakage and be on your way to healthy tresses.

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