Organizing Tips for Your Hair Supplies

Organizing Tips for Your Hair Supplies

Organizing Tips for Your Hair Supplies

Unless you’re a minimalist, you probably have some type of hair supply collection in your bathroom. If you haven’t organized your products, tools and accessories, now is a great time to start.

Keeping your HAIRFINITY Haircare products well-organized cuts down on time spent searching for a particular item. It can also keep everything cleaner, including your bathroom!

Organizing Tips

  • Store similar items together. This means combs and brushes in one place, flat irons in another. It’s easier to find what you’re looking for when each item is in a particular group.
  • Use plastic storage containers. Because plastic bins come in such a huge variety of sizes, you can store small accessories like scrunchies and elastics in a small bin, while rollers can go into larger ones. Buying stackable containers gives you the opportunity to neatly store your supplies, which is helpful if you’re short on space. You can easily move your stack into a linen or bedroom closet if necessary.
  • Rolling carts work, too: If you have a lot of stuff, two- or three-drawer rolling carts can hold almost anything. Big drawers will store large items like blow dryers and bonnet dryers, while smaller drawers can hold everything from rollers to combs. Being able to roll this container around makes it simple to store anywhere.

Purge as Needed

Your supplies will stay more organized if you occasionally purge products and items you don’t use. Toss hair elastics that are falling apart, any electric tools that don’t work, as well as broken barrettes, combs and clips. Likewise, honestly assess products that you haven’t used in a while. If you know you hate it, either throw it away or arrange a swap with acquaintances – there’s no need to toss good money away if a bottle is nearly full. Someone out there may have success with it, and they might have a great product in exchange for yours.

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