Choosing the Right Hair Stylist

Choosing the Right Hair Stylist

Choosing the Right Hair Stylist

Going to a hair stylist is usually a real treat. Even if you do the majority of your hair care at home, it’s nice to be pampered by a professional on occasion. If you already have a favorite stylist, consider yourself lucky. Some women have a difficult time finding a pro who they mesh well with. In your quest for the right stylist, remember that every stylist doesn’t do every single thing well. Some are better at color, while others wield hair shears like a magician. Still others know how to straighten even the tightest curls with a little bit of heat so that the hair looks relaxed.

Think about your primary needs, whether it’s chemical care, the latest cuts, or color that doesn’t cause damage. Then begin your search for the hair stylist who’s most proficient in those techniques. It’s always a good idea to get recommendations from people you trust if you don’t know how else to find a professional you’ll be happy with.

The right hair stylist will:

  • Listen to what you want
  • Suggest flattering hairstyles that work with your current texture and length
  • Give you tips on how to care for your hair at home
  • Let you know when a style or color isn’t right for you
  • Put your hair’s health first

Just like there’s a right stylist for you out there, there is a wrong one, or more! Don’t feel you have to stick with someone who makes you uncomfortable, talks over you instead of listening, or always chops several inches off your hair when what you asked for was a trim.

Once you find the perfect professional, be a great client by being upfront about your wishes (but understanding when she advises that something may not be the best choice) and taking her product recommendations and care suggestions to heart. Remember: a good stylist-client relationship takes two.

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