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  • I have been using @hairfinity for a 2 months and my hair has really thrived it’s fuller shinier and grew so much since cutting my hair off you have all asked what I used to grow my hair back and now you know #hairfinity


  • November 2013 … November 2015 .. Not the best side by side.. But obviously the product works amazingly well.. Went through a horrible time in life cut off all my hair realized it was a mistake . Ordered hairfinity and all I want to say is thank you for giving women worldwide their confidence back!!

  • my #hairfinity journey just finished my 2nd bottle 4 more togo @hairfinity

  • #hairfinity 2 month

  • Right after I big chopped Feb 19, 2014. The right is about 2 months after. Growth! I never really paid it any attention but when I look back I can really see my efforts aren’t in vain.

  • November 10- December 21 I must say I’m loving the progress #hairgoals #hairfinity #hairfinityigcontest #naturalhairrocks #naturalhairauc #naturalhairdaily #hhjchallenge #naturallyshesdope #messycurls


  • 2 months down, 2 to go @hairfinity I gained about an inch of growth this month whilst taking hairfinity, I’ve also been drinking bamboo leaf tea for a couple of weeks now. I’m currently 12 weeks post x #hairfinity#hairfinitychallenge #hhj #healthyhair#healthyhairjourney #relaxedhair #hairlista#keepitsimplesista #hairgrowth #waistlength#haircare #hairregime #teamhealthyhair

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  • 4week update…..


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