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Mulberry Silk Bonnet

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Protect and preserve the health of your hair with this luxury sleep bonnet made of 100% Mulberry silk charmeuse.*

  • Contains 18 amino acids that naturally promote hair elasticity, luster, body, and shine.*
  • Helps smooth the hair’s cuticle layer to reduce frizz and promote shine.*
  • Reduces hair loss and breakage by eliminating friction.*
  • Reduces dryness and damage by promoting moisture retention.*
  • 100% natural, odorless, and hypoallergenic.*
  • Silk inside and out (both sides).
  • High quality 19mm.

How are these bonnets different from the satin bonnets sold in the beauty supply stores?

The synthetic satin bonnets found in most beauty supply stores do not have the benefits of our 100% Mulberry silk bonnets. Unlike synthetic materials, the smooth nature of silk allows your hair to glide over the fabric without friction.  Less friction means less frizz and breakage.  Silk also does not draw moisture away from your hair like other materials.  This means that more moisture is retained in your hair, to reduce dryness and damage.*

What is so special about Mulberry silk?

Mulberry silk is produced by silkworms raised in captivity and exclusively fed on mulberry leaves.  These silkworms produce long-fibered threads that are consistent throughout. Other silks on the market are short-fibered and must be spun together to create long threads, making them lower in quality and less smooth to the touch.

What makes charmeuse special?

Charmeuse refers to the way the fabric is woven. Silk can be woven into chiffon, crepe, taffeta, and satin or charmeuse.  These are different types of weave, not different types of silk.  In a charmeuse weave, at least three or more threads are passed over a single thread, producing a durable smooth, silken surface.

What is “momme” or “mm”?

Momme (mm) weight is the silk’s actual weight.  It is determined by weighing a piece of silk 45 inches wide and 100 yards in length.  A higher quality silk has higher momme weight as more silk is used in the weaving process.

Washing Instructions: Hand or machine wash your silk bonnet in cold water on delicate cycle, using a mild soap. Hang Dry - or Tumble Dry with NO heat.

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