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Tips for Better Twist Outs



Twist outs are a popular setting method because they often result in stretched curls that retain definition. To get great twist outs every time, try these tips:

  1. Choose the right product: If you’re twisting for the sole purpose of wearing a twist out, select products that have some type of hold. This could be a gel, setting lotion or pudding, depending on the hold you want (light to strong). Twisting hair without holding products will likely lead to soft but undefined curls after taking your twists down.
  2. Twist detangled hair: However big or small your twist sections are, make sure they’re completely detangled from root to tip before you twist them. Any tangles caught up in your twists will cause the final product to have kinks, leaving less than desirable results.
  3. Curl the ends: Most tightly curled hair won’t need extra help in curling the ends. If your ends don’t curl readily or loosen on their own, add perm rods or flexi-rods to the ends to hold them in place and create a bit of curl. Once you release your twists, these nicely curled ends blend in much better with the rest of your hair.
  4. Leave them in overnight: The longer you leave your twists in, the more defined your twist out will be. You should let them set for a minimum of overnight (or eight hours). You can also wear twists for days at a time before loosening them if you want a super-defined twist out.
  5. Use care when untwisting: When taking down your twists, do this step carefully to preserve as much of the definition as possible. You can untwist from the top or the bottom of the twist (your preference), but be sure and leave the two sections in place as you do this. Once all your twists are loose, you can then carefully fluff them with a pick or your fingers, but only at the roots of your hair. Don’t comb or pick the length of your twist out; otherwise, your hair will frizz.

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