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January 19, 2015

So I’m done with my first bottle of #hairfinity. I haven’t been obsessive about getting progress pics (I actually haven’t been caring at all), but this is pretty much a side by side of when I first started (I was a few days in in left pic) and almost done with the bottle (I was about 25 days in, in right pic)… I have a lot of new growth. About two inches (about an inch of that is from #hairfinity, as I had new growth prior). Relaxing on Wednesday, and I’ll do another side by side then. It’s actually longer than the pics, but i fluffed for the pic, cause I was tryna look like the baddest puta. #selfiegamestrongerthanthehulk #myhairbegrowin #ineedacutactually #whoathisisalongcaption #kbye

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