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@sweetmaw1tbac (IG)

July 22, 2019

“@hairfinity You guys are the best!!! I love your products! My hair was coming out a lot from stress and damage. It was starting to feel so tight. The first picture is from when I first cut my hair in 2017 to start taking better care of it and it was really short. I couldn’t even do a ponytail…later in 2018 I trimmed it again to get rid of dead ends and took this pic on the top right. I continued to take my vitamins and using my hairfinity shampoo and conditioner. Plus added the stress and detox vitamins so it can help my hair even more. I had done a lot of bleaching/lightening. Then BAM here we are in 2019. Three trims later between 2018 and today and its back pass my shoulder. My hair has gradually just kept growing and fuller and healthier. My head does not feel as light anymore…It does not have to be just for natural hair… ”

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