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Shahed Jallad

April 26, 2011

Ok so , you wont see the difference unless you read this : Pic 1 : it’s from summer 2010 , august
 Pic 2 : it’s from winter 2010/2011 
So pic 1 & 2 is how my hair naturally grows in 5 months 
Pic 3 : It’s after I trimmed my hair 
Pic 4 & 5 are During Using my first bottle of hairfinity , Not just length , but I’ve also noticed healthiness , and strength and less hair falling 
Pic 6 : Is also during using hairfinity , this is my curly hair 
Pic 7 & 8 : I took those recently and they’re after finishing my first bottle of hairfinity , and ready for my next one to arrive 
Ok so basically the point is you can see a small difference in each pic , but compare the difference in the 1st and 2nd pic, and there’s a 5 month period between those (natural hair growth ) , to the 3rd and 8th pic , this is in a month using hairfinity ! I can see the difference. I LOVE THIS PRODUCT

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