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Featured Testimonials

Rosolayn N. Johnson

July 27, 2015

Top left: June 2014…the progression of hair growth goes clockwise. Last pic on the bottom right: June 2015. My apologies for not being still enough to take clear back photos over the last year. My scalp and hair were angry after me wearing full net sewn in weaves for 3 years before I started this vitamin. My hair was thin, breaking, and suffered compromised growth. I started taking two per day but over the year did not take them consistently and started taking one per day after noticing a couple of hairs growing out of my chin. Haven’t taken them at all for the past month and a half (ran out), and I haven’t noticed any hair coming out at all…still enjoying my beautiful results. smile emoticon I do plan to get more and take them until I can get a solid shoulder length going. My tips: drink lots of water, sleep with a large satin scarf snugly secured around the head or a satin pillow case, don’t over do it with the flat iron, narrow relaxers down to 8-10 weeks (at hair’s kinkiest, no fine tooth combs), keep scalp moisturized, and watch your stress level.

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