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Patrice Robinson‎

February 16, 2017

I usually don’t post a lot of my personal business on FB. The top right pic is before I got braids. My hair was thick a full. Then I got braids. The top left is after i took my braids out. The braids took my hair out badly. I even had to get my hair cut for it to blend, and to cut out all the damage the braids had done.
I then needed a product to revitalize my hair with the nutrients that it needed. I heard a lot of things about #Hairfinity. I tried it out. My desire wasn’t length, my desire was to get that full and healthy look back. I brought the shampoo, conditoner, masque and vitamins. The 2 bottom pics is 6 months into me using #Hairfinity. I got my thickness back, and never again will i get braids.

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