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August 01, 2019

HAIR JOURNEY : Ok so! After cutting my hair, getting it to grow back is a process. I really loved my short hairstyle, however I often go through a phase where I go short, & then I wanna have long hair, or Your hair is long, so you wanna get a short hairstyle for a new look at times, We all want what we dont have! Lol I share this to say that if you are thinking about getting your hair to grow back after a chop, or strength or add length, I highly recommend to use the Hairfinity vitamins because they really do work! I don’t know much about the ” hair gummies” or oils or creams but I do know that hair infinity vitamins will give you results, This is all within 1 full year and after 2 Bottles, now taking a break in between, I’m getting to my third bottle now! I want to get more in length, to not wear wigs or weaves as much. The goal is to wing yourself away from it all…..TAKE CARE OF YOUR HAIR


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