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Kimberly Hill‎

November 18, 2016

I am not going to lie, when I first saw Blac Chyna talk about her success with hairfinity I thought “lies…just plan lies! That girl has weave in her hair!” I completely believe it now. I always had long hair and never had an issues with growing my hair. Well I lost 150 lbs and that all changed. My hair thinned and began falling out by hand full amounts. It got so bad that when I went to my hair stylist for a “trim” she didn’t even charge me because of how dead it was from the excessive weight loss. I tried everything possible to help me grow my hair and nothing helped. Not biotin, multi vitamins, hair, skin & nail vitamins, etc. you name it and I tried it. I simply couldn’t get my hair to grow. It got so short that a pony tail was a joke. It was stringy, dry, thin and dying by the second. I went back to my stylist and she told me to try Keratin treatments. I gave it shot and I love them. I get them every six to eight weeks. About 4months into keratin treatments I saw an ad for hairfinity and a coupon code. I said “why the hell not” bought it and figured in a month it will make no difference and I’ll have wasted $30 dollars. I did a ton of research before making the purchase because I have a ton of allergies and with my hair falling about by the chunks I didn’t have any to spare. My pills came and I began trying them. Within a month I saw the difference. About 2 months after getting them and taking them as prescribed I went back to my stylist and she was shocked at how long my hair has grown. I am also shocked at how my hair as grown. I took photos and measured it according to the same exact sports bra and the tattoo on my back. Just today I left my stylist and she again was in shock at how long my hair has gotten. I have been on hairfinity for about 5months and I am a true believe that this really works. If you take it correctly I believe it can help most of you. If you’re debating, give it a shot and I’m sure your hair will thank you. I’m not paid by the company and wasn’t asked to do this, I am simply writing a review as I would for any company that I like. Like anything it works for some and for some it doesn’t but you’ll never know unless you try it. I’m happy I gave it a shot because I really believe without this vitamin I wouldn’t have my hair as long as it is now. Some say the pills took their natural curls away but mine are the same. I am bi-racial and my hair isn’t just one way and is extremely sensitive. I mean a dirty look and boom it falls out. I could continue on but I’ll just show you..the photo on the right is the first day I took the vitamin and the one of the left was taken tonight 11/18/16 about 5months into the process. This stuff works for me and can possibly work for you too.

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