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January 13, 2015

The top picture was exactly one month ago right after I had to cut 2 inches off of my hair (after trying my best to grow it out for the last six months for the wedding, I was pretty devastated to say the least) because it just kept breaking off because my ends were so fried. A woman in the salon was going on and on about these vitamins she ordered and how “amazing” they were. I’m very wary of any kind of strange supplement you buy off the internet but it being a vitamin i figured why not. And I couldn’t be happier with the results. Even though my hair is still fairly damp in the first picture, the bottom picture was yesterday. My hair has grown almost an inch and a half in just 4 weeks (when before I was lucky if it would even grow and half inch), and overall just healthier than it’s ever been. I always make jokes about how much I “shed” when people constantly pull hair off my shirt. I can say that hasn’t happened at all in the last month. When I brush my hair now I don’t end up with more hair in my sink and on my clothes than I do on my head. I no longer have “hair balls” clogging the shower drain after I get out of the shower. This stuff has done a complete 180 on my hair. . I’ve tried all the basic biotin and hair skin and nail pills you can buy in the store with no luck. I 100% highly recommend this to anyone who’s trying to grow out their hair or just over all make it healthier. #hairfinity #hairgrowth

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