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Guenevere Ramos

October 11, 2015

FINALLY I was able to get online and post (from Kabul). In the first set of photos, this shows how healthy my hair WAS 6 months ago (after taking Hairfinity 2 mons), and then the damage and hair loss due to anemia, stress, and hard water (I had stopped taking Hairfinity almost a year prior). My hair was falling out in CLUMPS and I was scared that I was going to be bald. In the second set of photos, I chopped off 6 inches off (to make it look even) and began my hair care regimen. Within 3 weeks, I have one inch of growth! My routine is:
Hairfinity Hair Vitamins daily, Multivitamin daily, Greenhouse effect using grapeseed oil weekly, Rinse hair with vinegar water (for hard water damage).

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