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December 15, 2015

Left: May 2012, Right: Aug. 2015, During undergrad years I over processed, cut, and colored my hair not realizing how I was damaging my hair with excessive heat, chemicals, and not enough nutrients. So i started my hair growth journey in 2012 with hairfinity, as well as biotin 10,000mg tablets, castor oil, and Amla oil really restored my hair, along with drinking as much water as possible. I also practiced wearing many protective styles(box braids, sengelese twist, sew in,) by the time I took the protective style down (2-3mons) I noticed the difference in texture of hair as well as growth. My hair was damaged, thin, shedding and breaking off. The vitamins along with the products I used made my hair feel stronger, thicker, and healthier, still a journey to getting my long hair back #naturalhairjourney #hairfinity #naturalhair

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