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Conquering Asya

January 03, 2018

…I started noticing and experiencing the damage, chemically and heat wise, to my hair early in high school. At 14 years old, I got my first sew-in weave. The damage done to my leave out cannot even be described. After having so many sew-ins, I grew to dislike my natural hair pattern, color, and texture all together. All the stress to my hair left it dry and brittle. By then. I would not be caught without bundles in my head.

In August 2016, I shaved my hair off completely. The big chop doesn’t even describe what my head looked like when I walked out of the barbershop that day. Many say that I pulled off the bald look, and I adjusted to it, but I still missed my own hair.

After doing her own research, my mom began to order both of us your Hairfinity vitamins.

Below are pictures of my journey from August 2016 to date. I have never felt my hair this happy and healthy! I already took my two pills for the day today, and I can’t wait to take my two pills tomorrow! I will keep you guys updated with the growth, come August 2018….
Thank you so much for blessing me with this product!

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