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Can Silk Save Your Hair?



Silky smooth isn’t just an expression. Many women find that wearing silk scarves help keep their hair soft, moisturized, shiny, and free of tangles. This in turn helps them retain length and grow longer hair.  Some women use “satin”, which is actually not a fabric, but a type of weaving. There are different types of fibers that are used in a satin weave such as silk, polyester, nylon, viscose, or a mixture of fibers.   While some may opt for polyester satin,  which is a more affordable option, it does not breathe as well as silk satin. The tightly-woven, smooth fibers of silk will help keep moisture in the hair and skin. Additionally, while sleeping, you toss, you turn, and it is likely that your hair will get matted and tangled in the process, leading to more sustained damage so sleeping on a soft silk pillowcase will allow the hair to slide, which is much less damaging than sleeping on cotton pillowcases, which may cause hair to tangle more easily, result in more breakage due to friction, and suck vital moisture from your strands. Sleeping in a silk scarf may help preserve your style, keep hair straighter and smoother longer, and ease styling.  Also, there are also silk rollers that can be used if you want a curly look with all the protection of silk.

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