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Cleanse and Condition Kit - Autoship

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The journey to beautiful hair starts with the Cleanse and Condition Kit. Gentle Cleanse Shampoo refreshes and removes buildup without stripping your hair of its natural oils, while Balanced Moisture Conditioner elevates your hair to an optimal moisture level. Both products have been proven to reduce breakage, and are suitable for daily use.


  • Gentle Cleanse Shampoo (12 oz) - Gently cleanse, refresh, and remove product buildup with this sulfate-free, hydrating shampoo. Formulated with our exclusive CAPILSANA® COMPLEX, it won’t strip hair of its natural moisture. Proven to strengthen hair and reduce up to 82% of breakage.
  • Balanced Moisture Conditioner (12 oz) - Replenish your hair’s optimal moisture level with this luxurious blend of vitamins and botanicals, including our exclusive CAPILSANA® COMPLEX. Gently detangle, smooth and soften hair while reducing breakage by up to 87%.

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