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Protecting Your Hair Under a Wig



Wearing wigs not only gives you a quick style change, it can also protect your hair from daily manipulation. Wigs also save time when you’re in a hurry to go somewhere; simply slip your wig on, make sure it’s secure and your hairstyle is perfectly done. While some women rely on their wigs almost like a best friend, remember that you still have hair underneath this accessory. Don’t neglect your own tresses in favor of always sporting a wig.

5 Tips on Caring for Your Hair Beneath a Wig

  1. Wear a silky wig liner: Whether you wear your hair in a smooth ponytail or braided beneath your wig, place a barrier between your tresses and the wig. Silky liners are gentler than cotton or nylon. Silk won’t suck moisture out of your hair, so you won’t have to worry about these types of liners drying out your tresses.
  2. Keep your hair moisturized: Your hair still needs moisture, so before slipping into your wig, apply your favorite product and work it through your tresses. If you sport cornrows or another braided style that doesn’t need to be redone daily, focus on moisturizing the ends of your hair and smoothing some product over the rest of it before putting on your liner.
  3. Shampoo regularly: Don’t forget a regular cleansing routine. Your hair should be shampooed and conditioned weekly. Depending on your wig’s makeup, it probably requires some cleansing, too. For healthy hair care maintenance, try our HAIRFINITY Haircare line.
  4. Seal moisture in nightly: After taking your wig off for the day, let your hair and scalp breathe for a while. Apply water or a water-based moisturizer if you don’t mind your hair curling up, and then follow up with an oil or cream. Otherwise, apply the moisturizing product of your choice, focusing on your ends.
  5. Remove the wig before bed: As beautiful as your wig is, it still needs to come off before bed. Your scalp and hair need to breathe after being covered all day. Sleeping in a wig can cause tension along your hairline, leading to breakage. Instead of wearing a wig to bed, slip into a silky bonnet or scarf. With proper care, your hair and wig will always look fantastic.

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