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How to Avoid Over Moisturized Hair



We all love moisturized hair.  But if you want to have healthy hair that doesn’t break easily, you’ll need to find a balance where you’re moisturizing it just enough to help it maintain elasticity. Ultimately, when it comes to keeping hair strong and healthy, protein-moisture balance becomes key. Being on the extreme of either end – moisture or protein – could end in serious and unnecessary setbacks. Remember these simple tips to avoid falling prey to this common hair mistake: 

First, avoid daily conditioner only washes if you’re not regularly giving your hair protein in some form. Next, cut back on lengthy deep conditioning treatments, depending on what type of conditioner it is, keeping it in longer than 15-20 minutes, could actually weaken your hair. Lastly, regularly balance moisture applications with protein by using products with hydrolyzed proteins (i.e. hydrolyzed wheat protein, collagen, keratin) and/or amino acids. These all help to strengthen hair and counteract the effects of over-moisturizing.

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