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Making it Through the Grow-Out Phase


Getting from short hair to long lengths takes patience, especially once you hit that awkward grow-out phase. Your hair is too long to just wake up, brush into place and go, but too short for a ponytail. This is the time when some women just get frustrated and cut it back again, putting even more distance between them and the long hair they want. How can you make it through the grow-out phase without resorting to drastic measures?

  • Look for in-between hairstyles: You don’t want to suffer a major cut and start from scratch, so your style choices will be limited. However, you don’t want to walk around looking shaggy, either. Bobs are easy because they accommodate various lengths. You may have to brush bangs to one side and pin them as they grow out, or you might have to ask your stylist to gradually let your layers come together. There is a hairstyle that will work for this in-between stage, so look for one that you like, that flatters you and that you’ll be comfortable with for the next few months.
  • Have fun with accessories: This is a great time to explore the world of accessories. Headbands, barrettes, jeweled pins, floral or feathered additions, scarves and hats are some of the ways you can keep your hair up, back or out of sight during this stage.
  • Weave or braid it up: If all else fails, and you simply can’t find a good style that works while your hair grows out, weaves and braid extensions protect your tresses during this time. They also keep your hands out of your hair and cut down on frustration. Just be sure to not overdo weave or braid wear, and take care of your own hair while wearing them.

Going through this phase takes patience, but having fun in the meantime can help you remain happy with your hair at any length.

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