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Chlorine Hair: How to Protect Your Locks After Swimming

    Now summer is in full swing, it’s time to hit the pool. But you’ll have to do more than stock up on sunblock if you want to stay healthy this summer: chlorine and other pool chemicals can wreak havoc on your hair  – especially if you’ve recently had your hair colored or straightened. […]


Stuck in a Hairstyle Rut? How to Break Free of Your Old ‘Do

    Whether you’re growing out a pixie or transitioning to natural hair, there comes a point when you just feel like you’re stuck in a hairstyle rut. Stop feeling bad and start getting creative! We’ve come up with a host of perfect ways to break free of your old hairstyle, no matter where you’re […]

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Targeted Hair Supplements: What Can They Do for You?

    When our hair needs extra oomph, we turn to outside help, from styling tips to bold new cuts. But what about help from the inside? That’s where targeted hair supplements can make a big difference. Whether you’re experiencing thinning, lackluster growth, or just general “blah,” targeted hair supplements can give your tresses the […]

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Stem Cell Therapy: What It Could Mean for Your Hair

    For decades, hair thinning and hair loss have posed serious problems for both men and women. What’s worse, the damage was permanent. But in the last few years, stem cell therapy has emerged as a viable solution to thinning and patchiness – so what could it mean for your hair? With new advances […]

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How to Love Your Hair Type (No Matter What It Is)

    It’s a universal truth: when you have curls, you long for straight hair. When your hair is stick-straight, you just want waves. But you can learn to love your hair type – no matter what it is. We’ve pulled together a primer on identifying your hair type, what kinds of challenges you can […]

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The 30 Second Guide to Healthier Hair

    We get it, you’re busy. Between work, family, and trying to keep some resemblance of a social life intact, self-care is usually the first to go out the window. So, we’ve come up with a few ways to keep your hair game strong, whether you have 30 seconds or 30 minutes to spare. […]

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Color-Extend Hair Products: How Much Do They Really Do?

    Color-extend hair products are always making promises – Strong color protection! More vibrant color! Sound familiar?


Can Hair Extensions Help the Health of Your Hair? Hint: Yes

    Do you envy the Kardashians their long, shiny locks? Don’t feel bad – it’s impossible to achieve that look without a little extra help – from hair extensions. Done right, they can even boost the health of your hair. Whether you choose tape-in, keratin, or sewn-in extensions, weaves can take the pressure off […]

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How to Care For Delicate, Curly Hair

    If you’re rocking 4b or 4c curls, then your delicate, curly hair is in need of way more TLC than the curls of women who roll out of bed with their loose waves still intact. (If only!) Without proper care, you’ll face dry, brittle curls that threaten to split, break, and give up […]

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