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Haircut Regret: How to Avoid It (And What To Do If It’s Too Late)

    It’s happened to everyone. Your stylist turns you around in the chair, and you hate what you see in the mirror – you have haircut regret. With a few simple steps, you can avoid haircut regret and the pain of an awkward growing out phase. Too late? Sporting a haircut you hate? No […]


Selfie Love: 8 Tips for Taking Your Best Hairstyle Photos Yet

    Selfies – love ‘em or hate ‘em, you know you want to learn how to take ‘em. Inspired by the creations of French hairstylist Frédéric Mennetrier, we wanted to find out what makes a good selfie great – especially when you have a new style to show off. Here are 8 pro tips […]


The Ugly Truth About Your Hair Products … Kicking Silicone to the Curb

Taking the time to get to know your hair care products may make you cringe if you’re not familiar with reading the ingredient names on the labels. Typical products may make your hair look and feel really great, but the truth is that many hair products contain ingredients that can actually damage your hair. The […]


Goodbye, Heavy Contouring: How Natural Makeup Trends Can Affect Your Hairstyle

    Tired of heavy contouring? Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic, who helped make contouring one of fashion’s most-buzzed about trends, is over it, too, and is all about natural makeup trends.


Eyebrow Trends: Crazy or Cool? Here are 5 to Try

    If you’re an Instagram fiend, you’ve probably taken notice of the wild eyebrow trends taking over social media. From feathered brows to sculpted looks, stylists are taking more liberties than ever with eyebrows – just as they would with hair. Here are 5 eyebrow trends you can totally try – but you’ll have […]


7 Hairstyles That Make Your Hair Look Longer Than It Actually Is

    Whether you’re growing out your big chop or suffering from hair loss, sometimes you just need to fake it – and make your hair look longer than it actually is. From applying extensions to adding layers in your natural hair, there are plenty of styling tricks to make your hair look longer, fuller, […]


Beach Hair: 8 Steps to Getting That Look

    The long, tousled waves of beach hair are the it-look for the season – and you don’t have to swim in saltwater to get them. If you can’t get to the beach this summer, you can bring the beach to your hair. Here are 8 steps to getting that beachy-wave look without the […]

Hair Care:

4 Hair Routines That’ll Guarantee You Gorgeous Hair

Is hair just a routine matter for you? That can be a good thing – consistency is the key to reaching and maintaining your hair goals. So optimize your daily ‘do with a few key products and tricks. Here are four ways to work a little hair magic into your beauty regimen, from everyday to […]


Chemical Straighteners: Are They Really That Bad For Your Hair?

    For some women, chemical straighteners are just a way of life. But are they really that bad for your hair? According to Laken Rose, senior artistic manager at Kenra Professional, chemically straightening your hair is a pretty personal decision – but it’s one that will permanently alter the texture of your hair. “Your […]

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