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Hair Growth:

Being Realistic About Hair Length Goals

  Looking at photos and YouTube videos of women with bra-strap, hip or waist length hair can be inspiring if you want long tresses, too. It can also be discouraging if it seems their hair grows with minimal effort, while you’ve put in proper care, and your hair seems like it’s stuck at a standstill. […]

Hair Care:

Balancing Protein and Moisture

  Once you become familiar with your hair’s needs, you’ll probably find it easy to maintain a good protein/moisture balance. The more you do to your hair – color, relaxing, heat styling, blow drying, etc. – the more you should do to combat any damaging effects. As a general rule, women who color and/or routinely […]


Different Phases of Hair Growth

  Many people don’t spend a lot of, if any, time thinking about a hair’s life cycle. It cycles through three phases which all have very specific purposes in the life of a strand of hair.  Even though your hair’s terminal length is out of your control, you can definitely influence your hair growth for the […]

Hair Care:

How to Figure Out a Hair Routine

  Hair care doesn’t come naturally to everyone, but good care is essential for the healthiest look and feel. However you come up with a hair routine, make sure it’s customized just for you in order to reap the most benefit. No matter what you do make sure that you have the basics covered – […]

Hair Care:

How to Properly Blow Dry Your Hair

Today’s blow dryers are often a huge improvement over older models. With technology that defies frizz and the ability to dry your tresses faster than ever, owning a good-quality dryer doesn’t have to hurt your hair. However, even the best dryers can cause damage if you’re not careful. Whether you use yours to seal in […]


Why Your Hair Isn’t Getting Longer

Wanting longer hair is a goal for many women. Sometimes, it’s frustrating when it seems that everyone else’s tresses are growing, but yours aren’t. Unless you have a medical condition that is stumping your hair growth, your mane is always growing. However, there may be reasons it appears your hair isn’t getting longer. Too much […]


Does Hair Typing Really Matter?

  As soon as you decide to take your hair care seriously, you probably discovered “hair typing”, or hair by numbers. While not scientific, this system was designed to help women identify their textures in order to make the best styling and product selection choices. Numbers run from 1 to 4, with 1 representing straight […]

Hair Care:

What You Need to Know About Hot Oil Treatments

  Hot oil treatments aren’t only for dry hair; they can also help with issues like dry scalp and dandruff. It’s easy enough to mix your own oil blend at home, but there are many commercial varieties that are inexpensive and simple to use right out of the package. Who Needs a Hot Oil Treatment? […]


Glue-in Weaves vs. Sew-in Weaves

  Weaves offer protection and a great deal of styling options. Besides length, color and texture, you can even choose how your weave is installed. Knowing the pros and cons of methods like gluing vs. sewing in can help you select the best option for you. Glue-in Weaves Using glue to attach weave hair is […]

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