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90’s Inspired Half-Up Ponytail Tutorial

 Kendra from Glamtwinz334 is back with another guest vlog! Here, she teaches us how to recreate one of the popular 90s-inspired hairstyles that have been trending lately. What you need: Heat protectant Brush 1 ½’ curling iron Hairspray Scrunchie First, apply your favorite heat protectant and brush it through your hair to make sure […]


Bohemian Hairstyle Tutorial

Guest vlogger Kendra from Glamtwinz334 shows us how to create a bohemian, semi-messy style in a few easy steps. What you need: Heat protectant Brush Comb Curling wand Bobby pins Start by applying your favorite heat protectant to your hair. Brush your hair to make sure the protectant is applied evenly. Using a comb, part […]


How to Style A Twist Out 3 Ways

  Guest vlogger NaturalNeicey shows us how to style your old twist out in 3 different ways. Style #1: Half-Style This style is inspired by the big hair of the 80s and 90s! Section the top quarter of your hair into a V-shape. Tie that section into a ponytail using a satin scrunchie so it […]


Use a Curling Rod for Effortless Waves and Curls

  Guest vlogger Rose from RositaApplebum shows us how to effortlessly curl your hair with a curling rod for beautiful waves. Perfect for date night, girls night out, and even prom! What you’ll need: 1 ½” Curling wand or traditional curling iron 1” Flat iron (optional) Claw hair clip Duck hair clips Hairspray Start by […]

Hair Growth:

Amazing Hairfinity Infinite Edges Results

  We all have delicate and overworked areas of our hair.  Hairstyles such as ponytails, braids, and sew-in extensions can wreak havok on the these areas, especially the fragile hairline area.  We formulated Hairfinity Infinite Edges Serum to deliver vitamins and nutrients to any “spot” that needs a little extra attention.


Cynthia Bailey’s Amazing Hairfinity Results

  If you’re familiar with the Real Housewives of Atlanta franchise on Bravo television, you probably already know that the stars of the show frequently rely on hair extensions and wigs to keep their looks camera-ready at all times. After all, women in the entertainment industry have done this for years in order to maintain their own […]


Blac Chyna’s Hairfinity Hair Journey

    You probably know about Blac Chyna for several reasons, but if you haven’t yet paid attention to her long, luscious hair, you definitely should! Celebrities are well-known for wearing extensions, and many of them do it mainly to protect their own tresses from harsh daily styling and different professionals handling their manes. But […]


5 Things Hairfinity Can’t Do for You

  Millions of women (and men) love HAIRFINITY Hair Vitamins, that is a FACT!  If you visit our website, you’ll see thousands of before and after pictures from actual users.  Unfortunately, all of the love we get isn’t enough to prevent myths from being spread as well.  So, we are dispelling the 5 of the […]


Start Small, Reinvest and Watch it Grow! (VIDEO)

    There is a saying that necessity is the mother of invention.  When you learn what inspired the innovation and the entrepreneurial spirit behind self launched businesses from Starbucks to FedEx and our very own HAIRFINITY there is a common thread.

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