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Hair Care:

Shiny Hair Secrets — The Ingredients that Make Your Hair Shine

Your hair is not what it once used to be. When you were young, your hair danced and swayed as you walked, but these days, it stays up in a ponytail or a clip the entire day. Your hair embarrasses you now. You want to return the shine and bounce to your hair. We are […]

Hair Care:

How to Stop Split Ends

There you are, happily combing your hair one night when suddenly the comb gets snagged into a knot. Your long tresses get pulled and you feel a sharp pain in your scalp when you try to go further. You gently try to take it out to no avail. You bring up the comb to your […]

Hair Care:

Caring for What’s Beneath the Weave

We all want hair that looks good. Right?  Sometimes we add extensions to give our hair some extra oomph, experiment with a style we wouldn’t dare try on our precious locks or protect our hair while trying to grow it out.  No matter what style you rock, it’s important to care for your real hair […]


What’s the Best Hairstyle for Your Face Shape?

    Ready to transform your look for summer? If you’re scheduling a stylist appointment before summer vacation, make sure you’re armed with information about the best hairstyle for your face shape. That’s not to say you can’t throw out the rule book and blaze your own trails. We’re pretty sure Janelle Monaé doesn’t fret […]


How I Grew My Mid-Back Length Hair

    Alica from TwinGoddesses shares how she grew her hair back after a styling disaster!    


Truth Exposed: Hair Products are Making Black Women Sick

    New research has revealed many hair products used by black women and children contain toxic ingredients that affect the body’s hormones and most of them aren’t even listed on their product labels.   Known as EDCs, or endocrine-disrupting chemicals, these toxic ingredients disturb the body’s endocrine system by mimicking naturally occurring hormones, which […]


Which Celeb Mama Is Your Hair Twin?

    Beyonce, Kim K, Chrissy Teigen… These hot moms give a new meaning to what it means to wear “mom jeans.”  Which one matches your personality? Take the Quiz to find out.


Which Braid Is Right for You?

    Braids are all the rage, from the run way to the big screen. Halo, Side Fishtail, Goddess Braids…which one matches your personality? Take the quiz to find out.  


Get to the “Root” of Hair Problems

Your hair is as unique as you are.  This is why you can’t always get to the “root” of your hair issues with just the naked eye. Evaluating the hair at a microscopic level can help identify the cause of hair problems and help determine the best way to care for your specific head of […]

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