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Is Your Hair Protein Sensitive?

Knowing that hair is made up of protein, can anyone truly be protein sensitive? Each head of hair is unique, and what you do to your hair determines how much protein and moisture you need. Hair that’s chemically relaxed, heat styled and/or colored needs more protein than hair kept in a natural state, but almost everyone benefits from a protein boost.

Before declaring yourself protein sensitive, think about the types of protein you apply to your hair, how often and the present condition of your tresses. This isn’t the easiest condition to assess because protein is identified under different names including hydrolyzed protein and keratin. While most women can tolerate some form of it, if your hair reacts negatively to all forms of protein you’ve tried, it’s possible you have a sensitivity to it.

There are different levels of protein treatments, and they range from gentle enough to use every day to intense treatments that are only for emergencies, i.e. severe breakage. If you find your hair dry and rough from using even the most gentle protein, you may suffer from sensitivity, particularly if your hair is completely natural and you have a good routine in place. It’s also possible you need no additional protein without necessarily being sensitive to it.

Some women, even those who do a lot to their tresses and know they need to strengthen their hair, go overboard on the protein. It’s not so much sensitivity, it’s just they need to cut back on the frequency and add more moisture.

If your hair is in great condition, whether natural or not, a mild protein treat on occasion should be fine. This may be in the form of a conditioner or leave-in conditioner. If, however, your tresses always end up feeling brittle after protein, even after following up with HAIRFINITY Balanced Moisture Conditioner, feel free to skip the protein.

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