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Importance of Label Reading

Once you embark on a healthy hair plan, you’ll probably become more interested in the ingredients in your favorite products, as well as ones you’d like to try. Sometimes, ingredient labels can be a confusing arena. What are some of those long ingredient names, anyway, and what do they do? Once you learn some label reading basics, you’ll be able to make informed decisions when purchasing hair products.

The first several ingredients are the most plentiful and important. If you’re looking for a water-based product, the first ingredient listed should be water. Likewise, any ingredients listed halfway down the list or further aren’t as effective as those listed first. Some products claim healthy ingredients like coconut oil, but if this oil is one of the last ingredients, it’s not plentiful enough to have the claimed effects on your hair.

Another issue to look out for is the “natural” claim. Companies may market their products as natural, but if they’re full of chemically-laden ingredients, with only one or two natural ones, beware of these claims. A natural product should primarily contain ingredients that you’re familiar with. This means a product claiming to have coconut oil benefits should have the oil listed as one of the first five ingredients. Also, natural products should be full of ingredients that are actually found in nature, such as olive, apricot, jojoba oils, or shea butter. You want to avoid man-made ingredients that have no benefits for hair, such as petrolatum or petroleum, or derivatives from these.

Besides knowing the difference between truly natural products and those that only masquerade as such, you also want to look out for ingredients that don’t work well for your hair. Some women avoid products containing “cones,” but how are cones listed on labels? These ingredients refer to silicones, and their names are often complex and difficult for the average consumer to pronounce, let alone know what they are. Often, their names end in “zane” or “cone,” such as amodimethicone.

With some research, you can discover which ingredients are actually good, natural and will work for your unique texture. If you are looking for cone free products, try our HAIRFINITY Haircare line.

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