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How to Recover from a Bad Sew-in



A sew-in weave is a good protective style, but only when done right. Unfortunately, going to a professional doesn’t always guarantee perfect results. However, women who install their own sew-ins can’t fault their stylist for a bad job. Perfecting a sew-in technique that won’t leave you with less hair than you started with takes time. If you are installing your own sew-in you’ll need lots of practice and patience to become adept at the self-install. How do you recover from a disastrous sew-in?

  1. Protein: Once you remove your weave, do you notice breakage anywhere, particularly along your hairline? If so, this is probably due to tightness and/or rubbing. If you have breakage in other areas, it’s possible that your weave hair was too heavy or you were less than careful during the removal process. You’ll need a dose of protein to stop the breakage. Use HAIRFINITY Strengthening Amino Masque, which is infused with amino acids, keratin protein, jojoba oil and natural botanicals.
  2. Condition: Next, to combat the strengthening but drying effects of protein, try our Balanced Moisture Conditioner. This is a very moisturizing deep conditioner. Adding low heat to this treat aids your hair’s cuticles in absorbing the conditioning properties. A once-a-week deep conditioner is a good idea until your hair is sufficiently recovered.
  3. Gentle styling: Avoid any hairstyles that place stress or tension along your hairline. This includes tight ponytails, buns and braids. Loose ponytails are fine, but look for other options while letting your scalp and hair breathe. Wet sets, twist-outs and wash n’ gos are gentle styles that won’t put any pressure on your scalp.
  4. Wait: Finally, practice patience. If you notice breakage, thinning, or your hair just feels like it needs extra pampering, remember that it’s going to take time to nurture your scalp and tresses. Try our Haircare Complete Package, for a total hair care solution. Also, wait awhile before installing your next sew-in. A minimum of two weeks may be sufficient if your hair wasn’t badly damaged, but six to eight weeks is even better.

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