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How to Recognize Damaged Hair



Sometimes, a busy life interferes with deep conditioning treatments or regular trims. In other cases, you just want to try out a hot new color without prepping your tresses beforehand with plenty of moisturizing. A little damage, in the form of dryness or brittleness, can often be repaired over time and with plenty of pampering. Seriously damaged hair, however, won’t reverse itself. In this case, you’ll need a trim or cut so that you can start over with healthy hair.

If you’re not sure if what you’re seeing is actual damaged hair, here are some typical signs:

  1. Won’t revert after washing: Natural ladies who press their manes on occasion may notice their curls don’t bounce back after getting wet. If some areas of your hair remain straight after a couple of months of good care, these parts are heat damaged.
  2. Lots of frizz: Some women have slight frizz all the time, and it’s perfectly normal. When frizz gets out of control, even after moisturizer or serums are applied, you may have damage. Frequent deep conditions may help, but if the frizz persists (due to too much heat or chemical abuse), you may need a trim or cut.
  3. No elasticity: Healthy hair can stretch a bit before breaking. Gently tug on a hair strand. If it easily breaks at the softest pull, it’s damaged.  If you are looking to recover and strengthen damaged tresses, try our Strengthening Amino Masque.
  4. Rough to the touch: Damaged tresses are often dry. As a result, they feel rough when styled. Again, frequent deep conditioning may or may not help, depending on how severe the damage is.
  5. Slimy when wet, spongy when dry: This is a sign of irreversible damage. Chemical abuse is usually the culprit for hair that feels “gooey” when wet and looks spongy when dry. In this case, a cut is necessary to get rid of lifeless locks. Once your damaged hair is gone, you can start over with proper hair care so that you don’t suffer the same problem in the future.

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