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How to Get a Perfect Wash n’ Go



You can’t control the texture of the hair that grows out of your scalp, but you can manipulate it in a variety of ways. Experimentation is often the name of the game when it comes to wash n’ gos. Maybe you’ve already tried to get a decent wash n’ go, and you were less than thrilled with your results. Some women give up on this hairstyle entirely due to disappointment. There are methods and HAIRFINITY Haircare can help you get a better wash n’ go if you’re willing to try again.

  • Start with damp to wet hair: Sopping wet hair yields great results for some, but a lot of women prefer to start with damp or wet hair where the ends have been blotted so they don’t drip everywhere. Starting with wet tresses is the best way to lock in your final style.
  • Apply a leave-in conditioner: Whether it’s liquid or creamy, a leave-in smooths frizz, which will mess up your wash n’ go. A conditioner also adds an extra layer of moisture, perfect for keeping your curls or coils well defined.
  • Choose the right gel: There are many gels to choose from in all price points. You don’t necessarily have to use an expensive gel; it just needs to be the right one for you. Heavier gels work well for women with thick hair, while lightweight gels are better for fine tresses. It may take some practice to find the right amount that results in great definition without crunch or flaking. Also, avoid using oily products if you want good definition.
  • Air dry when you can: The best way to get a finished, undisturbed style is to let your hair air dry. The longer and thicker your hair, the longer this can take; for some women, air drying isn’t a feasible option. Using low heat on a blow dryer with a diffuser attachment helps speed up drying time without causing damage.
  • Don’t touch until fully dry: Finally, let your hair dry completely before touching. Extra manipulation while your hair is drying, and setting, can cause frizz. Once dry, you can scrunch for extra volume or add a dab of serum for more shine.

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