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How to Avoid Hair Extension Mistakes

Wearing hair extensions can be a smart way to protect your own hair while it grows, but only if you practice good weave care. Just because your hair is hidden doesn’t mean you can completely forget about it. Avoid these weave mistakes, and your hair will flourish with this protective method.

  • Choosing poor-quality hair: High-quality weave hair can be expensive, but this isn’t a time to select the cheapest hair. Buy the best quality you can afford. Human hair is almost always preferable because it looks and feels more realistic, and it lasts longer. Buying very cheap hair, especially synthetic, can cause problems from allergic reactions to frustration from the lack of versatility it provides.
  • Infrequent cleansing/conditioning: Your own hair still needs to be cleaned and conditioned while wearing a weave. The focus will primarily be on your scalp. Shampoo and condition with HAIRFINITY Haircare at least every 10 days to keep your scalp clean, and your hair moisturized. Going too long between cleaning and conditioning sessions leads to dry, brittle hair.
  • Leaving the weave in too long: Because weaves make life so convenient, it’s easy to see why some women get addicted to wearing them. These hair additions do have a shelf life, however; keeping a weave in well past its prime not only results in a poor-looking weave, but your hair will suffer, too. Besides leaving weaves in too long, some women go straight from one weave to the next, never allowing their scalps or real hair to see the light of day for more than a few hours. Constant weave wear can take a toll on your scalp, particularly the edges. Do yourself a favor and learn how to manage your hair without the weave from time to time.

As long as you wear a weave correctly, including caring for your own tresses, feel free to experiment with different looks. Plus, you’ll enjoy the convenience and fun weaves offer.

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