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Happy Hair Stories – The Beginning


Hair is often referred to as your “crown and glory”. If this saying is true, how can you face the world if your crown is inglorious? Most of us can reflect back on our lives and recall bad hair days; you may even have the photographs to prove it. Was it a perm gone bad, the agony of your 1st (or 50th relaxer), or the dubious gum, plus hair, equals a really bad hair cut scenario? Maybe it was something completely out of your control like a scalp condition, genetics or untamable curls. Whatever the root cause of your mane trauma, just know we’ve all been there. Hair despair was the catalyst for Hairfinity’s development, so we understand.

After struggling for years with her own hair which suffered recurring breakage, Hairfinity’s co-founder, Tymeka Lawrence noticed that her daughter also had issues with keeping her hair healthy and growing. When she saw what she thought was a personal problem affecting her daughter she was motivated into action. She set out to learn all she could about how two grow a healthy head of hair. She began researching essential vitamins, vital nutrients, and other remedies that were optimal for improving hair’s health and increasing growth. She shared her findings in a web forum and later worked to develop the vitamin supplement known as Hairfinity.


In Jasmine Lawrence’s Happy Hair Story she states, “My damaged hair affected my friendships so much. I almost never wanted to be seen in public with my friends…..” In the grand scheme of things loosing sleep over troubled tresses is not the end of the world. But when you look at all of the messages that society sends to women and girls it’s not hard to understand why problem hair is agonizing to the person who has to live with it. The stories of Jasmine, Tymeka and countless other women from all walks of life show us that no matter what separates us – money, class, religion. ethnicity – our hair is a common bond.


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