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Hairfinity: The Ultimate Mother’s Day Story You Never Knew



If there’s one bond that can’t be broken, it’s the one between a mom and her daughter. And that’s the real story behind Hairfinity’s creation: An act of motherly love. (It’s true!)

Before the first product even hit shelves, Hairfinity was a brand long in the making. Founder Tymeka Lawrence had lived with the frustrations of chronic hair breakage since childhood, but it was when her daughter Jasmine started suffering from the same hair problems did the search for a healthy hair solution truly intensify. “It became more than story – it became my daughter’s, and so many others” reflects Tymeka. In 2006, Hairfinity Healthy Hair Vitamins hit the market, giving millions of women -including Tymeka and Jasmine – a safe and effective way to achieve longer, stronger, more beautiful hair. “I admire Mom so much, because of the sacrifices she made to help my insecurity,” says Jasmine. “Now so many women
are benefitting from that as well.”

So on this Mother’s Day, nurture that special bond with your mom and all the mother figures in your life. And if you’re a mom yourself? Take a page out of Tymeka’s book – “Hug your kids back and thank them for reminding you of the smaller things that can make all the difference – we really learn from them, too.”

Now it’s your turn: Give us some motherly wisdom on life – and hair! – in the comments below.

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