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Get the Best Results from Your Deep Conditioner



Reading the directions on your jar of deep conditioner is a starting point for using it, but how about getting the most from this important step? If you want great results from your deep conditioner, be sure to:

  • Apply after shampooing: This may seem obvious, but not everyone applies her deep conditioner onto freshly shampooed hair. However, you definitely should. Shampooing gets rid of buildup and dirt, leaving a clean slate for conditioner to stick to. You don’t have to have “squeaky clean” tresses, but start a deep conditioning session with HAIRFINITY Gentle Cleanse Shampoo first.
  • Blot hair: Once your shampoo is rinsed away, don’t add your deep treatment just yet. Gently blot out extra moisture with a soft towel or old tee shirt. The less water on your hair, the more effective your conditioner will be since it won’t be diluted with excess water.
  • Add oils: This is optional but useful if you want added moisturizing benefits. Adding a favorite oil like coconut or palm oil to your deep conditioner can boost the moisturizing properties, giving your tresses more slip and extra softness.
  • Comb through thoroughly: Detangling hair while saturated with our Balanced Moisture Conditioner is an ideal time to make sure the product completely covers your tresses. It will also cut down on the detangling you may need to do later. You want to be sure your hair is thoroughly coated with conditioner so that your entire head benefits from the treatment.
  • Add heat: To make your deep conditioner penetrate into your hair as much as possible, applying heat is a great way to get the most out of your treatment. After covering your hair with a plastic cap or bag, sit under a hood or bonnet dryer on low to medium heat. Alternately, use the heat from a handheld blow dryer, being sure to keep it in motion. Apply heat for 20-30 minutes, and you’re done.

Following these steps will give you gorgeous results from your deep conditioning treatment. If you are looking for a starter hair care kit to maintain your hair health, try our HAIRFINITY Haircare.

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