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Get Curls to Clump Together

If a wash n’ go is your go-to hairstyle, you want your curls to be perfect. In ideal circumstances, curls naturally find other curls and tend to stick together. What if yours don’t? If your curls need help in the clumping department, these tips can encourage them to come together.

  • Start styling wet hair: Begin with our HAIRFINITY Gentle Cleanse Shampoo and Balanced Moisture Conditioner.  Curly styles will dry in the condition they start in; if you begin with frizz, you’ll wind up with frizz. Likewise, if you begin with smooth curls, you have a better chance of ending with them. Smooth, wet curls will clump better than ones that have started to dry.
  • Apply gel in small sections: You must apply your product of choice to small sections to ensure even, complete coverage. Gels promote clumping over products like mousses and pomades. Depending on the amount of hold you want in your final style, you might prefer a lightweight or heavier gel. In some cases, a heavier hold results in better clumping than a gel that’s too light or watery.
  • Use a fine-tooth comb and your fingers: A fine-tooth comb isn’t generally recommended for thick hair, but when tresses are damp and coated with gel, the closely spaced teeth can glide through curls and cause them to clump together. Just be sure each section is thoroughly detangled first. Then, you can begin combing from the root to the ends in one pass. If a fine-tooth comb doesn’t work for your hair, a detangling bristle brush is a good substitute. It may also help to “rake” through curls with your fingers to encourage further clumping.
  • Gently scrunch: On damp hair, you can gently scrunch curls together, but only focus on gathering the ends and avoid allover scrunching. This way, you’ll get clumping without frizzing.

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