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Environment Damage



Sun, frigid cold, water and more can take a toll on your hair. You may take excellent care of your tresses, in the form of regular deep conditioning, search and destroy trims, and protein as needed. However, just stepping outside your front door can invite damage if you’re not careful during certain seasons of the year. Besides the great care you practice inside, make sure you avoid environmental damage, too.

  • Sun: During warm weather, many people love spending as much time as they can outdoors. There are picnics, backyard barbeques, pool parties, family reunions and other carefree activities to attend. Being outside all day under a beaming sun can dry out your hair if you don’t take precautions. Add chlorinated pool water or seawater on days you go swimming, and without protection, your tresses can turn into a frazzled, brittle mess by summer’s end. Silky scarves, hats, swim caps and products with UV protection help to combat the sun’s damaging effects.
  • Cold: Once fall and winter move in, you have other concerns for your hair’s health. Going out into the extreme cold with nothing on your head is a bad idea. Freezing weather invites warm and wooly hats, as well as indoor heating. Rough hats can contribute to breakage, while the dry air inside can lead to dried-out hair. Whatever type of hat you wear, be sure it has a silky lining between any rough fibers and your tresses. Extra moisturizing during the winter helps you make it through the season with soft hair that resists breakage.
  • Water: Cleansing your hair is good, right? If you live in an area with hard water, it can be detrimental to the health of your tresses. Mineral deposits, especially calcium, build up on your hair over time, which leads to tangles and frizz. Fight hard water effects with regular clarifying or chelating shampoos, or invest in a water softener if possible.

You can’t control the weather or environment, but you can take steps to protect your hair with HAIRFINITY Haircare, no matter the season.

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