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Can Too Much Bunning be Harmful?




Buns can be an easy protective style option, as long as you create your hairdo the right way. You can have too much of a good thing, though, even bunning. Don’t let a good style turn into damage by making mistakes.

How can too much bunning be harmful to your hair?

Too tight: When wearing buns or chignons, many women want smooth edges, whether their hair is natural or relaxed. Sleek edges can be easy enough to attain with just some hair gel, pomade and gentle brushing. Some women go overboard in the sleek department by applying heavy, alcohol-laden gels, as well as brushing hair back and securing so tightly that damage is the inevitable result. Donning a super-tight bun day after day will eventually weaken and thin your edges, along with other areas of your hair that are under constant stress.

Wet buns: Don’t make the mistake of taking moisture too far. Dampening your hair slightly and sealing in moisture with an oil or cream before bunning is fine. Your tresses should be dry by the end of the day. Some women start off with wet locks that, when secured in a bun, don’t have the chance to dry at all. On top of this, they wear the same wet bun day after day; their hair never has the chance to dry out properly, leading to moisture overload, resulting in limp tresses.

Same position: Do you wear a low bun every day? Or is your bun high? Regardless of where you sport your bun, it’s a good idea to change its position from time to time. This alleviates stress on the same areas of your head and scalp. Also, it’s smart to switch from a bun style often, in order to give your edges a break. Go ahead a wear a bun two or three times per week, but on the other days, choose looser hairdos that don’t pull on your hair at all.

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