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Best Tools for Long Lasting Roller Sets



If you have the patience and skills to roller set your hair, chances are your tresses are healthy. This gentle setting method is perfect for relaxed, texturized or natural women. To get a long lasting set that looks fantastic, be sure to use these tools every time you set your hair:

  • Setting lotion/mousse: While some ladies skip a setting product altogether, a good-quality setting product helps hold your style in place. Lotions may be more liquid, while mousses give you more control over placement. Look for alcohol-free formulas that won’t dry out your hair, and apply the product to damp hair after your leave-in conditioner.
  • Magnetic rollers: These smooth rollers usually have vent holes scattered across the surface, in order to speed up the drying process. Their snag-free surface helps to smooth the hair while it sets. End papers aren’t necessary when using magnetic rollers. Just be sure and smooth the ends of your hair securely onto the roller as you begin rolling each section.
  • Comb: For the sleekest results, your hair must be completely detangled. If your hair is relaxed or fine, a fine-toothed comb can be used. If your hair is thick, a wide-toothed comb is suitable. The main thing is to comb through your tresses from root to tip on each section before rolling.
  • Dryer: While not a must, a hood or bonnet dryer is a useful accessory. It greatly speeds up drying time and helps ensure complete dryness for the best results. Taking down rollers while there’s any hint of dampness in the hair leads to frizz and falling. If roller sets are your go-to styling method, a dryer is a great investment.

Women with long, healthy tresses tend to have a solid hair regimen in place. Roller sets are a wonderfully gentle way to set your hair; with the right tools, your set can come out perfectly every time.

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