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Being Realistic About Hair Length Goals



Looking at photos and YouTube videos of women with bra-strap, hip or waist length hair can be inspiring if you want long tresses, too. It can also be discouraging if it seems their hair grows with minimal effort, while you’ve put in proper care, and your hair seems like it’s stuck at a standstill. Before wishing for ankle length tresses, it’s important to be realistic about your hair length goals and take the very best care of your hair to get the very best results.

Length Goal Questions

  1. Do my mom, sisters, aunts, etc. have very long hair? The argument over how much genetics plays a role in hair length is ongoing. However, it seems that some families are naturally blessed with thick, lengthy tresses, while in others, fragile and fine hair is common. There’s no reason to think that genetics halts your hair growth at neck length. With the right care, you can reasonable increases in the length of your hair.
  2. Am I healthy overall? Healthy hair begins on the inside of your body. A well-rounded diet full of nutritious foods and lots of water contributes to healthy tresses. When your diet lacks essential vitamins and other nutrients, your hair growth can suffer.
  3. Do I take excellent care of my hair? If you don’t currently have a regimen that works for you, you need to get one in place. Hair that grows to its maximum length doesn’t just happen; it needs a lot of great care to avoid breakage, especially on the ends.
  4. Do I know what my average rate of growth is? The average rate of growth for human hair is ½ inch per month, but that may not be your average. Yours could be more or less. If it’s less, you’ll need to be more patient to see length gains. Instead of gaining six inches in a year, you may gain four, and that’s perfectly acceptable.

Understanding what goes into getting the longest hair you can achieve helps you stay realistic about how long your tresses can actually grow.

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