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Balancing Protein and Moisture



Once you become familiar with your hair’s needs, you’ll probably find it easy to maintain a good protein/moisture balance. The more you do to your hair – color, relaxing, heat styling, blow drying, etc. – the more you should do to combat any damaging effects. As a general rule, women who color and/or routinely alter their natural texture with heat or chemicals need more protein than women who primarily leave their hair in its natural state. Moisture is something everyone needs, but the way you get it differs depending on your hair routine.

Getting the Right Balance

Well-moisturized tresses are usually soft and supple. They don’t break easily and have a good degree of elasticity. The ultimate moisturizer is water. Because healthy hair starts from within, it’s important to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. For the outside of your body, regular cleansing is one of the ways your hair stays moisturized. Applying conditioners, deep conditioners, leave-ins and other water-based products are other methods. Neglecting shampoos in an effort to make a style last longer can lead to dry hair, especially if coating oils and pomades are used in place of water-based hair care. Some women find daily moisturizing necessary, while others get by with weekly care. However you moisturize your tresses, this is something that needs to be done frequently.

Less frequent application of protein is suitable for most women. Gentle protein can be found in shampoos, conditioners, leave-ins and styling products. Treatments that are more intensive may come in mask form, and are ideal for the woman suffering breakage or who frequently colors her hair on top of changing her natural texture through heat or chemicals. While protein is designed to strengthen hair, it’s also drying, which is why you should make sure your routine consists of more moisture treatments than protein. Alternate a protein-rich shampoo with your regular, moisturizing one once or twice a month, and only use intense treatments when necessary.

It takes some experimentation to find out how often you need protein versus moisture. Also, if your hair goes through a drastic change, you’ll need to tweak your routine to keep your tresses in optimum condition.  Get the perfect balance of protein and moisture with our Haircare Complete Package.

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