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Avoid these Protective Styling Mistakes



You’ve probably heard about protective styling and how beneficial it is to retaining hair length. Too much of a good thing, however, can be a bad thing. Even protective styles have their drawbacks if you make any of these mistakes:

Leave it in for too long: Depending on the style, you shouldn’t wear it longer than two to eight weeks. Sew-in weaves and smallish braid extensions have a long shelf-life at eight weeks, while flat twists or braids done on your own hair don’t last as long. Regardless, no protective style should be left in longer than ten to twelve weeks. Even with regular shampooing and conditioning, especially for women wearing extensions, it’s hard to reach all of your natural hair and give it the cleansing and moisture it needs.
Not caring for your own hair: Wearing a weave can give you a wonderful sense of freedom. You wake up in the morning, give it a quick brushing and you’re ready to go. Remember, however, that a weave isn’t your actual hair, and that your real hair still needs attention. This means shampooing, focusing on your scalp, and conditioning. If you neglect your own hair during weeks of sporting a weave, you’ll be faced with dry tresses in serious need of attention once your weave comes out. Damage could be minor to major, leading to a lot of repair that may take weeks or months to reverse.
Never switching up the style: This is especially true when it comes to a protective style like braided extensions. Wearing the same hairstyle indefinitely places stress in the same areas. Eventually, too much stress can lead to hair loss. Even if you love a style, it’s better for your hair and scalp to change your look occasionally.

By all means, continue to wear protective styles if it helps you retain length. Just don’t go overboard in your efforts for longer hair. If you are looking to recover from your protective style mistakes, try our HAIRFINITY Haircare line.

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